27 March 2020

7 Top Anime Movies to Watch 2020 (My Reviews and Recommendations)

Want to learn the ugly side of human nature? Then, watch animes. There are many life drills you could earn from your anime watch as for me, anime has a better storyline than anything you could watch on your phone or TV screen. Most anime movies are created in genres full of masterpiece that remains precisely compelling as the decade goes by. So on your next lazy day when you consider yourself to binge-watch something, please load up this badass list of Japanese anime movies and start exploring their world.

1. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - The Movie (2013)

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - The Movie (2013) Movie Review

Menma's friend reunited back after their friendship grows apart five years ago where her tragic death pretends to be one of their digits. The dead girl asks them for help to get peacefully cross over the afterlife after they help her to remember and satisfy her unfulfilled wish.

I cried during my watch as their bonds between six of them melts my heart. It's a heart-warming story that closes to my personal life experience where there is nothing permanent in life. If you want to say something to that person, say it today or never.

2. Spirited Away (2001)

Spirited Away (2001) Movie Review

A 10-year-old girl, Chihiro and her parents spotted a seemingly deserted amusement park. She meets a mysterious boy named Haku after both her mother and father are transformed into giant pigs. The amusement park is actually a retreat place for supernatural individuals who need a pause from their time spent in the earthly realm. Haku tells Chihiro that they should not be there and she must work there to free herself and her parents from that strange world.

For me, it's a nightmare thrilling movies and I think it's not suitable for those scared kids. But it's still has a good storyline to reflect on some human nature shown in this movie. Chihiro's parents that are turned into giant pigs are explained to represent the human's greed that passes off during the Japanese recession of the 80s.

The animation is also captivating as I'd wish to live in that world. The young female leading character's improvement from a clueless and naive girl to a much tougher individual when she gets lost in the spiritual world is so admirable and remarkable.

3. Koe No Katachi: A Silent Voice (2016)

Koe No Katachi - A Silent Voice (2016) Movie Review

This movie addresses one of our major social problems really well. Life will only find its meaning if we could fit in the society we live in, or else, it will be more towards having the desire to commit suicide. The storyline clearly brings up one of the deepest communication problems in every society.

There's a deaf girl named Nishimiya hardly tries to be accepted just like everyone else, which still appears not to be most welcome by her classmates, even she was often bullied too. Ishida, the boy who is punished by his own mistakes at his young, learning how to ask forgiveness and accepting his own past to be a better person in life. He struggles a lot with depression and anxiety until he had feeling of self-hatred and the desire to end it. 

Anyway, the loves story in this movie is unreachable even though they do have and I think its kinda a failure love story hehe. I didn't see more sparks flying between Nishimiya and Ishida but I do understand as this movie focus more on social issues and about two-person healing towards each other. 

4. The Anthem Of The Heart (2017)

The Anthem Of The Heart (2017) Movie Review

Naruse has her voice magically taken away since she was a kid so she can't hurt anyone with her words until her life is changed by music and friendship. And also, it just an active imagination of a tortured soul so I think every parent needs to see this. This movie teaches us that words could be either good or bad because it is how we say and portray them matters the most. Some people don't realize that words sometimes can be very painful. 

The plot is not too exciting for me but they end the movie perfectly well. I'm satisfied with the person who they all ended up with hehe. The film blends together a lot of emotions and there are some scenes that made my tear goes down. 

5. Kimi No Na Wa: Your Name (2016)

Kimi No Na Wa (2016) Movie Review

Two teenagers share a magical connection upon realizing they are occasionally swapping bodies. But thing becomes even more complicated when both decided to meet each other in person. I found it sweet how they wake up every morning and interacting with their family and friends. When the twist hits you, it's a priceless experience you will ever undergo in a film. 

It does a good job of transitioning the movie from light comedy to a deep melodramatic romance. Falling in love with someone without meeting each other in person but living in that person's body along with discovering their whole life. It will leave you in awestruck and makes you always wondering what's next.  

The moment I finish watching this movie, I immediately realized that this movie is just special and truly a glorious masterpiece. It is a beautiful piece of work and art with the best animation effects ever that it is so much to put on an anime film and deserves every bit of praise.

6. Wolf Children (2012)

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Review

Hana, a teen girl marries a wolfman and raises her two kids alone after her husband dies in an accident while hunting for food for their children. It is a heartwarming and deeply touching story about the struggles of being a single mother in an unforgiving world raising abnormal children. The young mother brings her kids to the countryside to keep her children's traits hidden from society and have an adventurous life in the woods and at school. So there will be freedom for the kids to be whatever they want.

Both her kids inherit their father's ability to transform into a wolf but both Yuki and Ame have different personalities. I cried so badly when Hana's children have finally made their choice for their life path and ended up being what they want. I learn how a mother willingly sacrifices many things for their children to grow up and succeed until one day the kids will leave her to continue living their own life. 

7. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke (1997) Movie Review

It's wondrous that this movie has existed even before I was born but still being relevant even after 20 years. Princess Mononoke is about war tale between humans, animals, and gods when their harmony begins to crumble. The young Ashitaka leaves his village to seeks a cure for his fatal curse. On his way to find the cure, he encounters San, the wild young female who was raised by wolves in the woods. As well as Lady Eboshi, the leader of Irontown has started the war on the forest surrounding her urge to continue building for the goods of her people, she attempts to totally destroy the forest spirit (nature).

During his travels, Ashitaka discovers the human truth as he sees humans ruining the earth for their privileges while bringing down the rage of wolf god Moro and his human associate, Princess Mononoke. In this film, I learn how human greeds can bring up the critical complexity of balance in our environment. If we continue to flash our pious forest to the ground, what flowers will be remained for us and our children?